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The human resources policy


FERRY CAPITAIN attaches a great deal of importance to welcoming trainees who could become our future employees. From this perspective our jobs are designed around expertise and around safety, environmental and quality requirements. We pay special attention to the careers of our employees. This is why we assist them with their professional careers and with their career development within the company offering them the possibility of further training.



Employee assistance upon arrival

FERRY CAPITAIN offers assistance to its new employees in terms of finding accommodation close to the company via PLURIAL, an organisation to which it pays 1% of the accommodation (employer contribution to the work and construction). This organisation will find the best possible solution to meet the expectations and requirements of the employees (location, purchases, work).



Employee benefits

Employee profit-sharing and participation are two schemes which enable the employee to feel part of the company's results and performances by sharing with them the profits gained thanks to their efforts.


Mandatory as regards participation but optional as regards profit-sharing, these schemes are the result of the wish to include the staff in the running of the company.


  • Profit-sharing

    1. How do you calculate the overall profit share ?

      The maximum amount is allocated according to the real profit-sharing bonus and may not exceed 20% of the gross annual salary paid to the persons concerned.

      1. Determination of the basic amount for calculating the profit share: IB

        The latter takes the notion of profit-sharing into account when the company's "profit plus tax" (HN+HK lines of the tax form) is greater than € 150,000 after applying the following formula: IB = 40 000 + (0, 10* (lines HN+HK) * (1-IS))

      2. Determination of the real profit-sharing bonus: IR

        This is done by taking the notion of performance into account via modulation of the previous sum according to the results obtained in relation to various criteria according to the formula: IR = IB * annual absenteeism rate * cost of non-quality * lateness penalties * safety rate


    2. How is it shared out between the employees?

      The real profit-sharing bonus is shared out :

      • for 30% to the gross annual salary of the person concerned
      • for 70% to the time spent in the company during the financial year


    3. Who can benefit from it?

      All of the employees, including employees on fixed term contracts and part-time staff, who have been with the company for at least three months.


  • Participation

    1. How is the Participation Special Reserve: PSR calculated?

      The PSR amount is calculated for each financial year and is explained by the following formula: PSR = ½ (net profit for the financial year – (5 * net worth/100) * (gross total payroll/value added)


    2. How is it shared out between the employees ?

      The Participation Special Reserve is shared out :

      • for 50% to the gross salary received by each employee
      • for 50% to the time spent in the company


    3. Who can benefit from it?

      All of the employees, including employees on fixed term contracts and part-time staff, who have been with the company for at least three months.



Diversity and equality opportunities

Continual professional development

FERRY CAPITAIN considers training to be a necessity for the company, and this is why any employee can do training at any age. Effectively, at FERRY CAPITAIN, training represented 4.07% of the total payroll in 2007, which is much more than the quota stipulated by the regulations.


Evolution de la formation

In 2007, 216 employees were trained (including 7 on work-study programs), i.e. 10,777 hours of training.


Proportion du personnel formé