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Steel industry


Partner of main industrial projects in steel industry, we offer our expertise and innovative solutions in foundry, machining and related services.

We provide parts at each stage for the steel industry process:

steel industry process



  • Sintering plant :
    • Gearboxes, riding rings and rollers for balling drums
    • Equipped Pellet cars or ready to be equipped
    • Driving wheels for up or down station
    • Driving wheels for crushing rolls
  • Coke facility :
    • Coke furnace frames and doors
    • Unloader racks
  • Direct Reduction Iron :
    • Gear boxes, pinions, gears, riding rings and rollers
  • Blast furnace :
    • Liners
    • Feeding hoppers and bells


Pellet cars

Coke furnace doors

Up or down station

Balling drum




  • Dices, chain chutes, drive teeth, chain fingers, seating blocks
  • Furnace rollers, rolling millstripping plates
  • Driving pinions
  • Floorings, guides and rollers
  • Coiler drums for steckel mill

Rolling mill cage

Coiler drum

Heat treatment furnace diffuser


  • Steel works:
    • Charging peals
    • Converter rings
    • Slag pots and trunnions
    • Gears driving pinions


Ingot plier

Converter bearing

Double helical gear


  • Surface treatment:
    • Pots
    • Rollers


Galvanizing rollers