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Ferry-Capitain is positioned on several markets, and improves its Know-How on the offshore field, an expansive and high-growth market.

We design, and manufacture pieces adapted for offshore application, which have many specific features. With the assistance of a qualified team, and adapted tools, our ambition on this field is to offer an adapted solution to costumer’s need.


Ferry-Capitain disposes of tools as follow:


Casting simulation software

Our material ASTM & DUPLEX / SUPER DUPLEX steel are pored with an AOD converter to ensure the material characteristics and avoid Inclusion


The pieces are manufactured as per specific material, especially to resist to the abrasive and corrosive environment of the offshore field, in contact with seawater and oil products :

  • High yield strength material for mechanical pieces (ASTM, with NORSOK approval)
  • DUPLEX / SUPER DUPLEX steel, resistance to the high corrosive and sulphurous environment (high valve body dimension, in contact with oil products)

Example of pieces for offshore applications:

Swivel Support

13m orientation gear

Valve body

4500mm x 1000mm Water lightness joint for oil application