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The renewable energy, particularly the Hydroelectricity, is a market on which Ferry-Capitain is different thanks to its implication in works in support of technical studies to improve the design of pieces.


Ferry-Capitain disposes of essential tools to answer to the demand of its collaborator.



Numerical tools for solidification simulation



Butterfly Valve / EN-GJS-400-15 / DN2600 x 910mm / 10833kg.


Body Ø2823mm – 850mm height – 5100kg & Butterfly Valve Ø2279 – 685mm height / 6750kg / EN-GJS-400-15



Spherical valve DN900mm x 1284mm height - G20Mn5 - 6730Kg



Sphere – 4700kg G20Mn5



Valve Body HBP Ø2320mm x 2620mm / G20Mn5 / 19531Kg