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Our philosophy






"Believing in the future, is first believing in the capabilities of people"

Mrs PRUNIER, President.


FERRY CAPITAIN: a family owned SME

FERRY CAPITAIN is a small-medium sized family owned enterprise with a know-how in foundry, machining and assembly, accumulated over more than 175 years. Our expertise in metallurgy, moulding and mechanical engineering enable us to provide the best solutions to meet our customer's expectations.


FERRY CAPITAIN: a true partner

For FERRY CAPITAIN, loyalty and trust are the basis of any relationship, and FERRY CAPITAIN always aims to establish a long-term business relationship with its customers, suppliers and employees.


FERRY CAPITAIN: operating worldwide

FERRY CAPITAIN sells its gears, mill heads, compressor housings, turbine castings, etc., all over the world! With a sales subsidiary in the USA and a wide network of representatives in almost every industrial country, FERRY CAPITAIN shares the culture and language of most its customers worldwide. FERRY CAPITAIN also has a team of engineers and technicians capable of providing speedy on-site supervision or after-sales service.


FERRY CAPITAIN: driving and on the cusp of innovation

FERRY CAPITAIN was one of the very first foundries in Europe to develop Nodular cast iron back in the 1950's, obtaining the Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.
FERRY CAPITAIN is currently pushing the limits with cutting capacities up to 14 m in diameter and up to 16 m in vertical boring diameter.

FERRY CAPITAIN also uses an AOD converter to develop highly complex ferrous alloys and adapt them to the exact needs of its customers. A R&D team is closely following every innovation in casting and machining, so that its customers can take advantage of the latest developments.


FERRY CAPITAIN: "Quality - reliability - flexibility"

To satisfy its customers, FERRY CAPITAIN relies on its quality manual, implemented within the context of ISO 9000 certification. Every available production means contribute to keeping to the contractual delivery dates.
The company's success is attributed to the entrepreneurial approach of each and every FERRY CAPITAIN employee. Well-defined tasks, responsibilities and work practices provide these employees with the expertise and flexibility to find solutions to everyday problems.

Thanks to its high level of reliability, FERRY CAPITAIN is continuously developing its market share in the industry, with customers confident in the level of quality of the products offered.


FERRY CAPITAIN: an environmentally friendly company

In April 2012, FERRY-CAPITAIN obtained the OHSAS 18001 certification, demonstrating its willingness to continually reduce risks in Health and Safety at Work fields.